How to Send Us a Copy of Your QuickBooks Desktop File

The easiest and most secure way for you to send us a copy of your QuickBooks Desktop File is to send us an Accountant's Copy.

A QuickBooks Accountant's Copy is a special type of file that Intuit has created for sharing your QuickBooks data with your accountant. It has the extension .QBA (opposed to .QBW which is a regular file or .QBB which is a backup file.)

You can save a .QBA file on your desktop or on a thumbdrive, but the best way to transmit the file to us is by using Intuit's Accountant Copy File Transfer Service.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Send the Accountant's Copy

1. Go to the File menu, then select Send Company File.
2. Select Accountant's Copy, then Client Activities.
3. Select Send to Accountant and then Next.
4. Select Accountant's Copy and then Next.
5. Enter the dividing date. Then select Next. We are going to remove this as soon as we transfer the file, so pick any date you want.
6. Enter your email address and your accountant's email address.
7. Create a file password for the file. We will need this to open it.
8. Select Send.

Step 2: Remove the Accountant's Copy restrictions

The Accountant's Copy is set up so that your accountant can make changes in the file and then send those changes back to you. It's kind of complicated and as soon as we get you converted to QuickBooks Online you will never have to worry about this kind of thing again!

If you are never going to use your QuickBooks Desktop file again after sending it to us, then don't worry about this step.

But just in case, here is how to remove the Accountant's Copy restriction:

1. Go to the File menu, then select Send Company File.
2. Select Accountant's copy, then Client Activities.
3. Select Remove Restrictions.
4. Select Yes, I want to remove the Accountant's Copy restrictions, then OK.

Step 3: Send us the password.

You will need to send us the password you created in Step 1.7 above.  If you don't want to send this password via email, please feel free to call and leave it in a voice message or text it to 509-670-8958.

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