How do I tell if customer statements have been emailed from QuickBooks Online?

For some reason, the way QuickBooks Online handles Statements is somewhat mysterious.

One more side-effect of trying to make things user-friendly, I guess!  Some things that aren’t needed every day tend to get hidden.

The surefire way to see whether you have sent out Statements from QuickBooks online is to check the Audit Log.

Go to Reports > Standard and under “Business Overview” you will see “Audit Log.”  This is a fabulous report to get to know. You won’t need to visit it regularly but if you ever need to check on what’s been going on in QuickBooks, this report will have the info you need.  

Ha! I did email it!

This report is also easily searchable.  I like to just hit Ctrl+F and use the search function of my browser to search.

This audit log is FAR superior to the audit trail in QuickBooks Desktop and one more reason I think QuickBooks Online is really the way to go.

One other things you might discover about Statement in QuickBooks Online. They do not show up on the Customer page where you might expect them. They are not, by default, in the Transaction List, along with Invoices, Payments, etc.

If you want to see them on the Customer Page, go to Filter and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list and select Statements. Suddenly they will be there.

I know, weird.

Another way to see Statements is to go to Reports > Who Owes You and select “Statement List.” The date range on this report defaults to the current month, which is completely unhelpful. Go to Customize > Filter and select a better date range, like “Last Month.” Voila. There’s your statement history. Kind of basic, but it does the trick.

Now if only QuickBooks would add a field to this report showing the status of whether they had been emailed or not!

Speaking of frustrations with statements, if anyone knows how to make QuickBooks Online automatically create finance charge invoices for overdue invoices, I would love to know…

Let me know your questions about using QuickBooks Online and I will see if I can help you out!

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